Performance at the T-FEST in TAIWAN Apr28 2015/ Taipei Performance at the DIGITAL ARTS CENTER / LSF festival in Taipei Mai4 2015 / Taiwan Film of the Performance @ the Seoul Museum of Art Jun17 2014/Seoul, Korea KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL exhibition at the SEMA - Seoul Museum of Art Jun17 - Aug10 2014/Seoul, Korea KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL performance for the opening of the SEMA exhibition at 6PM on Jun17 2014/Seoul, Korea Outdoor Installation in Seoul made with my company THISISAWORKBYHAZARD Apr17 - Jun9 2014/Seoul, Korea VOWELS in the ASYMPTOTE journal Apr 2014/Korea KYOULBOMYOELEUM project files, infos & documents VOWELS won the MADATAC 05 Public Special Award Dec 22 2013/Madrid-Spain Article on KYOUL inside the CULTURE M MAGAZINE Nov8 2013/Korea KYOUL exhibition at the GAEHOEDONG GALLERY in Seoul Nov8-13 2013/Seoul-Korea VOWELS is selected into the competitive international section of MADATAC 5 Dec19-22 2013/Madrid-Spain In Shanghai, an Image from GEOSTRATEGIC DRAMA AT THE 38 PARALLEL appear on posters and screens Sep-Oct 2013/Shanghai, China JESUS OF GANGNAM from the KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL project GEOSTRATEGIC DRAMA AT THE 38 PARALLEL at the N MINUTES VIDEO ART FESTIVAL Sep 14 - Oct 28 2013/Shanghai, China JESUS OF GANGNAM will be screened in Paris into the SIGNES DE NUIT festival Oct 10-20 2013/Paris, France Article about VOWELS inside the VISUAL ARTBEAT CONTEMPORARY ARTS magazine Jul 2013/England Video of the KYOULBOMYOELEUM exhibition in Germany Exhibition at the SEOUL STATION with my new company (THISISAWORKBYHAZARD) May 26 2013/Seoul, Korea Press article about KYOULBOMYOELEUM into the VISUAL ARTBEAT Magazine / CONTEMPORARY ARTS NEWS issue#11Mar 2013/England GEOSTRATEGIC DRAMA AT THE 38 PARALLEL at VIDEOFORMES 2013 Mar 20 2013/Clermont-Ferrand-France GEOSTRATEGIC DRAMA AT THE 38 PARALLEL is selected into the competitive international section of MADATAC 4 Dec10-16 2012/Madrid-Spain Performance for the opening of KYOULBOMYOELEUM in Germany Nov 20 2012/Bochum-Germany KYOULBOMYOELEUM exhibition at C60 COLLABOTARIUM Nov 20-30 2012/Bochum-Germany Screening of BODIES & METALS at TAIPEI DIGITAL ARTS CENTER Nov16-25 2012/Taiwan Jury member at the ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL April 12-20 2012/Italy Premiere of KYOUL, a new performance at the ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL April 12-20 2012/Italy Screening of LETSMAKEADEAL at ANEMIC festival in Prague March 20 2012/Czech Repuplik Footage from the peformance with AN JUNG at the GWANGJU BIENNALE Sept 2011/Korea Article on CULTURE M MAGAZINE - visual partner or the KOREA TIMES Sept 2011/Korea "PLASTIC MATERIAL - The Flattening of Raindrops" a new performance Korea & Spain Interview for Resolume New Pictures from the Gallery Golmok Performance Seoul-Korea Premiere of a new performance about Julio Cortazar at the CAIXAFORUM BARCELONA Jul27 2011/Barcelona-Spain Video from the Performance in USA organised by the INSTITUTO CERVANTES Apr 2011/Albuquerque-USA Little improvisation at the Golmok Art Performance Festival in Seoul Jun 18 2011/Seoul-KoreaPerformance at the REC Festival in Spain May6 2011/Tarragona-Spain CAIXAFORUMPerformance in USA for the EXPERIMENTS IN CINEMA FESTIVAL Apr14 2011/Albuquerque-USACAIXAFORUMScreening of "The Unemployees" for A WALL IS A SCREEN Jan14-22 2011/Stuttgart & Hamburg-GermanyAmposta PerformanceFilm from the performance at the CENTRE D'ARTS VISUALS D'AMPOSTA Dec18 2010/Amposta-SpainPerformance at the Strobe Festival de Video I art Digital Dec18 2010/Amposta-SpainPerformance in Barcelona Dec10 2010/Barcelona-SpainBill Plympton select LETSMAKEADEAL for Independent Exposure 2010 Nov25 2010/San Francisco-USAScreenings in competitions of "SHE", "Bodies & Metals" & "SKYSCRAPER" at SESSIF / Extreme-Short Film Festival Nov5-11 2010/Seoul-KoreaFilm from the MOCA performance 2010/Seoul-KoreaInstants vidéo Festival present "The Unemployees" & "1+1=3"Nov5-14 2010/Marseille-FrancePerformance in Brussels Oct22 2010/Brussels-BelgiumTalk/lecture @ the Sungkyul University Oct13 2010/Seoul-KoreaPerformance @ Pecha Kucha in Seoul Oct1 2010/Seoul-KoreaPerformance at the Yogiga Gallery Sep23 2010/Seoul-KoreaPerformance at the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea (MOCA) Sep18 2010/Seoul-KoreaPerformance at the 7th Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul Sep05 2010/Seoul-KoreaPerformance at the Collegium Hungaricum for a special AV Night Jun12 2010/Berlin-Germany1+1=3 at the Crosstalk Festival in Hungary Jun01-06 2010/Budapest-HungaryPerformance at the HBC in Berlin Apr23 2010/Berlin-GermanyScreening of Caballo in Moves - International Festival of Movement on Screen Festival Apr21-25 2010/Liverpool & UKScreening of The Unemployees at the Experiments in Cinema V5.1 film festival Apr10-14-18 2010/Albuquerque-USAScreenings in 2 competitions into the Go Short International Short Film Festival Mar17-21 2010/Nijmegen-The NetherlandsVideo from the Berlin performance of the 6 of March in the Sputnik Cinema March15 2010/Berlin-GermanyScreening of LETSMAKEADEAL Manipulate Image @ The Complex Santa Fe Mar12 2010/New Mexico-USAPerformance into the Laika event Mar06 2010/Berlin-GermanyPerformance at Madame Claude Mar01 2010/Berlin-GermanyPress article about the auction of "Bodies & Metals"into the Spanish newspaper El Pais Dec16 2009/SpainPrize of the BestVideo Work at Madatac Dec12 2009/Madrid-SpainDiscusion at the Harvestworks Center Nov16 2009/New York-USAWatch a performance recorded in New York Nov15 2009/New York-USAPerformance at the Play with Fire Festival Nov15 2009/New York-USAPerformance at the Monkey Town Nov12 2009/New York-USAWatch "Bodies & Metals" into the website of the COFF IV Festival Nov 2009/GermanyPerformance at the Paysages Electroniques Festival Nov07 2009/Lille-FrancePerformance at Sonorama Oct11 2009/Besancon-FranceFirst Live Cinema Prize at the Bochum Video Festival Jun27 2009/Bochum-GermanyFirst Live Cinema Prize at REC Festival of Cinema May01 2009/Tarragona-Spain


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